If you have any information please call Hampshire Police on 101 quoting 'Operation Ridgewood'


Mrs Nettles has kept Damien’s name in the media for over 20 years

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Portrait of missing Isle of Wight teenager featured in London exhibition onthewight.com

Image of missing Isle of Wight teenager Damien Nettles in poignant exhibition onthewight.com

Mother of missing Isle of Wight teenager publishes her story this autumn onthewight.com

Today would have been Damien Nettles’ 39th birthday: Appeal for information onthewight.com

Story of missing Isle of Wight teenager Damien Nettles out next month onthewight.com

Sophie’s on an Isle of Wight Challenge for missing cousin, Damien Nettles onthewight.com

Family of Gloucestershire teen who went missing 21 years ago step away from 'exhausting search' www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk

Mother continues the search for missing Isle of Wight teenager, Damien Nettles, 22 years on onthewight.com

Mother of Damien Nettles 'won't give up' as petition closes on Damien's Law www.countypress.co.uk

Damien’s Law calls for better police training www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles: IPCC respond to complaint over police investigation onthewight.com

Damien Nettles: Tributes on his 37th birthday onthewight.com

Damien Nettles missing for 21 years. Those with information urged to come forward onthewight.com

Damien’s Law receives high profile support but still none from Island MP says campaigners onthewight.com

Islanders urged to write to MP over Damien’s Law onthewight.com

Mother of missing Isle of Wight teenager, Damien Nettles, was recently a guest of honour at a carol service for the charity Missing People onthewight.com

Damien Nettles: Friend releases Missing People charity single www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles family thank People's Postcode Lottery ahead of Draw www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles disappearance: Calls to fund searches www.bbc.co.uk

Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared www.bbc.co.uk

Damien Nettles last known movements knightlab.com

Unsolved: A new petition appeals for funding to help police find a missing boy’s body home.bt.com

Two journalists investigate the disappearance of a 16yr old 20 years on www.digitalspy.com

What happened to Damien Nettles? www.mirror.co.uk

How to disappear completely www.vice.com

Among the nettles londonsquire.wordpress.com

Unsolved is like Making a Murderer meets Serial www.wow247.co.uk

Thousands back petition www.iwcp.co.uk

The Lost Boy: Cracking the mystery of Damien Nettles www.theguardian.com

The Missing Blog www.themissingblog.com

Detectives probing Damien Nettles mystery break silence www.mirror.co.uk

Legal expert joins Damien Nettles team www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles: A mother’s search for the truth www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles case takes on new significance onthewight.com

Damien Nettles: File remains open says police on 20yr anniversary www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles: A 20yr mystery – the interactive timeline www.iwcp.co.uk

Operation Ridgewood: 20th anniversary disappearance onthewight.com

Damien Nettles walk recreates his last known footsteps www.iwcp.co.uk

Follow Damien Nettles last walk 20 years after his disappearance onthewight.com

Family of missing Damien Nettles lodge complaint onthewight.com

Volunteers needed to help the dig for Damien onthewight.com

Search for Damien Nettles continues 19yrs on www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles: Missing teenager’s file to remain open www.bbc.co.uk

Damien Nettles: Brother optimistic about getting answers www.bbc.co.uk

Candlelit vigil on 19th anniversary of missing Damien Nettles onthewight.com

19 Years: Candlelit vigil for Isle of Wight’s Damien Nettles iwradio.co.uk

Location of Damien Nettles’ body given by ex-police informant onthewight.com

Damien Nettles: Mother says family friends digging in bid to find body www.bbc.co.uk

Damien Nettles: Family share video of dig starting onthewight.com

Police investigate bone discovery www.iwcp.co.uk

Teenager disappeared exactly 18 years ago today www.itv.com

Damien Nettles case continues says Police www.iwcp.co.uk


Damien Nettles: Anonymous donor puts up £10,000 reward www.bbc.co.uk

£10,000 for key to Damien Nettles tragedy www.iwcp.co.uk

Valerie Nettles: “I’m glad kidnapped girls were found, it gives me hope” www.express.co.uk

Cowes week appeal for Damien Information www.iwcp.co.uk

Mobile billboard raises awareness of new reward onthewight.com

Police renew appeal in Damien Nettles case www.msn.com

Appeal on 17th anniversary of teenager's disappearance onthewight.com

No new leads in Damien Nettles case www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles sister offers heartfelt open letter onthewight.com

Damien Nettles reward deadline extended www.iwcp.co.uk

Candlelit vigil for Damien Nettles onthewight.com

Make 2012 the year for answers onthewight.com

Man quizzed on missing Damien Nettles probe www.dailyecho.co.uk

Drugs may be behind teenagers’ disappearance www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles: Please contribute to reward fund to help find his killer onthewight.com

Damien Nettles 1996 missing teen case: £20,000 reward www.bbc.co.uk

Damien Nettles: Police offer £20,000 reward www.iwcp.co.uk

Mother of Damien Nettles talk of drugs debt theory www.bbc.co.uk

Music fans support Damien reward fund www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles’ mother on island for murder reward concert www.bbc.co.uk

Damien Nettles mother’s hope for missing body find www.bbc.co.uk

Suspicious items found in forest www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien’s family fight for search of forest www.iwcp.co.uk

March held for Damien Nettles www.bbc.co.uk

Dig for Damien at Cowes carnival onthewight.com

Campaigners march for Damien iwradio.co.uk

Marathon runner supports reward fund onthewight.com

Islanders march in support of Dig for Damien campaign onthewight.com

Damien Nettles: Regret over lost CCTV www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles Murder: Mother asks for burial searches www.bbc.co.uk

Damien Nettles: Police renew appeal on 16th anniversary onthewight.com

Concert puts spotlight on missing people www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles awareness gig garethicke.com

Three great musicians celebrate Damien Nettles onthewight.com

Five men arrested on suspicion of murder www.telegraph.co.uk

Five men arrested on suspicion of murdering teenage boy www.dailymail.co.uk

Damien's mum speaks following the five arrests onthewight.com

Marsh search for missing Damien Nettles www.bbc.co.uk

Man and woman arrested on suspicion of murdering Damien Nettles in 1996 www.mirror.co.uk

Men to answer bail in Damien Nettles case www.iwcp.co.uk

Two more arrested in Damien Nettles investigation www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles search enters second day www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles police in search for body www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien search conditions challenging www.iwcp.co.uk

Information leads police to believe Damien Nettles was killed onthewight.com

Anniversary of missing Damien's birthday www.iwcp.co.uk

Gun found at Damien Nettles search site www.iwcp.co.uk

New information wanted by police www.iwcp.co.uk

Charlie puts the clues in every detail with her Damien tribute www.iwcp.co.uk

Police urge public to avoid unfounded speculation in Damien Nettles case onthewight.com

Police raid on Cowes house www.iwcp.co.uk

Nothing found in search for Damien Nettles www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles murder suspects re-bailed www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien’s mother: I think about him every day www.iwcp.co.uk

Law ruling could free island suspects www.iwcp.co.uk

Search called off www.bbc.co.uk

Music event for 15 year anniversary onthewight.com

Missing Damien's family make fresh appeal www.iwcp.co.uk

Damien Nettles: Heartfelt plea from Damien's mother onthewight.com

Latest on search for Damien Nettles www.heart.co.uk

Billboard appeal over disappearance of Damien Nettles www.bbc.co.uk

Damien Nettles, missing 14 years & his mother’s search continues elleeseymour.com

14 years on there is still no trace of Damien Nettles www.davidicke.com

Billboard campaign on Damien anniversary www.iwcp.co.uk

Students put their shirts on campaign www.iwcp.co.uk

Distraught mother: bring Damien home issuu.com

Mother if missing man joins support charity www.iwcp.co.uk

Search for Damien Nettles still going strong onthewight.com

Isle of Wight Country Press Archives

A collection of articles featuring Damien in the Isle of Wight County Press

Damien Nettles disappearance: Can you help? onthewight.com

Damien Nettles featured on International Missing Children's Day onthewight.com

Family of Madeleine McCann meet family of Katrice Lee and Damien Nettles www.gazettelive.co.uk

Reward sought in Damien Nettles mystery www.iwcp.co.uk

Fresh appeal for Damien Nettles news.bbc.co.uk

Anniversary attempt to solve Damien mystery www.iwcp.co.uk

Looking for my missing son news.bbc.co.uk

Ten year torture over missing son www.iwcp.co.uk

Lost Children: The 60 children who have vanished www.independent.co.uk

Mother back to hunt for missing son www.iwcp.co.uk

Mother of lost boy pins her last hope on CCTV www.thetimes.co.uk

Fresh appeal for missing Damien www.iwcp.co.uk

Island boy annoyed drug dealer on the day he vanished www.thetimes.co.uk

New image of missing Damien Nettles www.iwcp.co.uk

Nettles family alert over bones find www.iwcp.co.uk

Police call off hunt for body www.iwcp.co.uk

Mystery of the boy who just vanished www.theguardian.com

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